This beautiful gal is a very special Cat of the Day, FCCO’s 98,000th cat helped! Mike took over feeding a group of cats in Vancouver, WA for his elderly neighbor. He didn’t realize that the cats weren’t spayed/neutered, and soon figured out that even though he was feeding them there was more he could do to help them out and keep the population from exploding! Through word of mouth, Mike learned of FCCO’s services and was glad there was a program for these kitties. Today, FCCO spayed/neutered Kate Moss and her 5 furry pals. Purrs of thanks to Mike for caring for feral cats!

Not only is Mike helping these cats, he’s also entered into a drawing to win $1,398! You can be entered, too! We’re doing a countdown to our 100,000th cat and are entering everyone who brings in their cat(s) until we reach our big milestone! Why $1,398? It’s part of a clever equation we use to show how cats can multiply. Check it out at, along with drawing details. Don’t miss out: call 503-797-2606 today to have your cats – from feral to friendly – spayed/neutered!

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